The vintage bungalow offers an eclectic mix of garden and home decor with a focus on garden gifts and accessories, garden decor and seasonal merchandise to compliment your lifestyle.


Our style is warm urban farmhouse meets hip coastal chic. We pride ourselves on creative attention to detail and good old-fashioned service.


Our goal is to provide lots of inspiration to our customers so they can create an expression of themselves within their homes and with their gift-giving.


We will bring the community together through workshops and parties to create unique wreaths, terrariums, fairy gardens and more! I, Terrie LaBelle,  will offer my personal in-home holiday decorating and seasonal flowerpot planting services on a very limited basis.

Our traveling Gnome, Clifford, will become our mascot, of sorts. His friend got his beginnings out in Colorado with my sister. He appeared on her door step a year after her family moved into their home. There he stayed, protecting them from the wind and the cold. One day he left, no one knew where, or if he would return, just that here was an empty spot on the steps where he lived. Alas, he returned with another friend, there they stayed coming and going as they will. Then one day at my home in Georgia, "Clifford" the Gnome showed up. He has followed me through 3 states now and has made Merritt Island his little piece of heaven. I hope you will follow him in his travels on this site. You may also like to take one of his friends to your homestead to enjoy.

The Vintage Bungalow Trading Company is nestled snug in South Cocoa Village, located in Historical Downtown Cocoa Village. We are a growing community that beckons shoppers of all ages to explore, dine and partake in all that we have to offer. We have events down on the river each month, welcoming local and tourist alike, to come enjoy our community.




Be sure to check out our Calendar below and Facebook for all of the latest happening at Vin-Low. We look forward to seeing you and helping you create your dreams!




Terrie LaBelle


 Iam from Atlanta, Georgia, born and raised, with a true Southern Heart. I love to work with people, helping them learn who they are, what they want, and helping them achieve this. My inspiration comes from my family's past, nature, animals, old things and creating new from the old. By working with each person individually I hope to help them see their homes in a new and exciting way; making them as unique as they are.

"I believe my eye for design came from my mom," says Terrie. In recalling a fond memory Terrie goes on saying, "I remember coming home one day and my bedroom was completely redesigned. In the 70s it was popular to have fabric covering the walls and my mom had covered my entire bedroom in patterned strawberry fabric! "


While the trends come and go, I believe you should stay true to yourself and not be like everyone else. Jump off that train and learn who you are and what you want. Then you will be truly happy with yourself and your life. Bring in something new to spice up your life while keeping the old to ground you.


My in-home decorating schedule starts in November. I will come to your house or your business and make the holidays less stressful on you. I will use your decorations, buy new or start over, what ever you want, to make your home your wonderland.

The Vintage Bungalow Trading Company is more than a retail store. Above all, I want my consumer to be inspired to create an expression of themselves within their home. I am dedicated to creating a safe, dynamic and gratifying environment to all those who want to enter. I want my customer to experience a diverse, ever-changing merchandise selection with a mixture of old and new, light and dark, serious and fun. I believe in helping others whenever possible. My hope is Vintage Bungalow will become a place that will inspire others to create their dreams.

"My hope is Vintage Bungalow will become a place that will inspire others to create their dreams."

631 Brevard Avenue, Suite A

Cocoa Village, FL 32922